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  • Cocor MediaChannel – Today
    • Largest media facade in Europe – 3300 sqm, largest DOOH (digital outdoor) from continental Europe combining both spectacular content with commercial spots (click for movie).

    • The Auto Traffic is represented by 2.9 mil cars meaning minimum 5.8 mil eyeballs passing by the media façade each month, on 6 from the 8 traffic bands.

    • The only DOOH equipped with daily traffic counter from Bucharest Police dept.

    • Opportunity to see/day is between 2-11 times, accordingly to our research.

    • “Eye’s on Impressions”/”Daily Effective Reach” is close to 90%, due to the spectacular and innovative support.

    • Dwelling time, time to be exposed to the media facade is between 40s and 3 minutes, as per the traffic registered.

    • 50% of broadcasting time is local and national content: Theatre posters, Traffic Prognosis, Amber Alerts, National holidays, Cultural events, etc.

    • Cultural Banner Exchange with International Urban screens Association - www.urbanscreensassoc.org, Streaming museum – www.streamingmuseum.org, Urban screen located in Piazza Domo from Milano - www.urbanscreen.net.

    • Starting May 2009, Cocor MediaChannel is member of IAA Romania.