Cocor Department Store invites you to Fashion Show Trend

COCOR launches on December 10 at 20.00, Fashion Show Trend cycle events.
The fashion show is coordinated by well known Alin Galatescu. The show will present the most significant looks for the current season, exclusively made up of clothing proposals local designers who can be found in the Romanian Gallery Designers – 2nd floor, in Cocor Department Store. The event is a demonstration that Romanian fashion not only exists, but it is authentic, rich and creative.


Romanian fashion can provide dozens of interesting looks, personalized and in trend – exclusively made up of clothing proposals local designers . TREND Fashion Show – hosted by Cocor, a trend gallery always at your disposal. Friday, December 10th at 20:00 we have meeting with Romanian fashion quality.


Romans Designers Gallery represnts a new concept on the Romanian market- the frist one in the past 20 years which aims to promote Romanian creators. Among recent Romanian designers who have joined the Gallery therte are: Anca Radulescu & Sanbris Cristina, Anca Irina Lefter, Angela Vasiliu, Dorin Negra, Kinga Varga. The Gallery brings together both vintage and stylish, glamorous outfits that can be easily accessorized. The Romanaian Gallery Designers is dedicated to powerful, independent, women who want to be in the spotlight and want to be feminine at the same time. The materials used are of the m wool, fur, artificial jerse, velvet, silk, natural veil, lace, hand knitting, covering a wide range of colors.


We expect Friday, December 10, starting at 20.00 to a unique show!


Cocor Department Store ( represents a landmark of Bucharest which was reopened to public after 2 years of modernization and consolidation. Cocor brings on Romanian retail market unique items such as the first Romanian Gallery Designers, as well as the first virtual fitting room from Eastern Europe. Due to the technological innovation of virtual fitting room, Cocor customers order their favorites clothes based on photographic measures from body scanner. As a support for local fashion, Cocor has opened on the second floor one of the main attractions, the Romanian Designers Gallery. Cocor Department Store also has a parking, at modern European standards and design, with 200 seats capacity.

Cocor SA is a public company traded on Bucharest Stock Exchange with COCOR icon. Cocor also owns Cocor Spa Hotel ( – the largest Romanian Spa located on the Black Sea shore in Neptun-Olimp resort – and Cocor MediaChannel (, the largest media facade from Europe, which recorded a revenue of over 1.3 million EUR during 2009.