Cocor Store and the Bucharest Tourism Association (ATMB) launches the project “Bucharest City Plus”

Bucharest, 23 December, 2010: Cocor Store, the only department store type shopping center in Bucharest and the Bucharest Tourism Association (ATMB) today launched the project “Bucharest City Plus’ to support tourism in the capital. Launched in October 2010, at the Tourism Fair of Romania, ATMB is managed by Mr. Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest. The seven founding members , joins today the first associate member, Cocor Store. In this association Cocor will assist the project ‘Bucharest City Plus’ through activities such as: – building a tourist information center in the “Times Square” next to Cocor; – fitting ‘Hop On – Hop Off’ stations for departure / arrival for the city tour, in the square next to Cocor; – promoting tourism points of Bucharest on the Cocor mediafaçade; – arrangement of spaces within Cocor for selling marketing specific souvenirs for Bucharest. “As a location, Cocor is part of the historic center and the spectacular mediafaçade has become a landmark for tourists coming to Bucharest. Therefore, we consider it our duty to support any project which aims to develop tourism in this area “said Dan Barbulescu, President of the Board of Directors of Cocor company. Around 4 million investment made in the Cocor mediafacade, 200 parking spaces and the arrangement of the Times Square, for ensuring the favorable framework for supporting tourism development projects in Bucharest. “Times Square , which has become a cultural reference because of the recent events hosted, will become a key location for tourists, by creating a point of information. Also, the square will become the starting point for tours and bus arrival type ‘Hop On – Hop Off’, by which tourists will visit areas of interest in Bucharest “Barbulescu said. The project “Bucharest City Plus” aims to increase number of tourists visiting Bucharest in 2011, by implementing projects to promote locations and events that are references for the capital and to attract tourists with dedicated facilities and services. ” Bucharest City Plus” is the first comprehensive program that promotes both at home and abroad travel programs from Bucharest and other related services to tourism such as shopping, watching shows, participation in cultural events, sports and more . In this program ATMB aims to organize ‘Hop On Hop Off’ regular tours of Bucharest, themed city tours (gastronomy, cultural, historical, etc.), and bicycle tours. “said Carmen Paul, Vice-President of Bucharest Tourism Association. In the next period, an associated member, Cocor is going to be involved in all projects of Bucharest Tourism Association (ATMB), contributing for positioning Bucharest on the tourist map of the European Capitals. About Cocor: Cocor store is the only shopping center in Bucharest structured as a department store , specialized on each floor. With a GLA of 10,000 sqm, Cocor Store hosts prestigious international brands, and collections of leading romanian designers such as Doina Levinta, Agnes Thomas, Cristina Nichita, Mirela Diaconu, Silvia Serban or Rhea Costa. After an investment of around 4 million euros, Cocor Department Store has the second largest media facade in Europe after the one in Picadilly Circus, London. The media facade provides an broadcasting area of ​​565 sqm. , with 13 HD screens for commercials, but also for non-commercial content such as traffic information, cultural events, live coverage and other. About the Tourism Association of Bucharest (ATMB) Bucharest Tourism Association is an apolitical and non profit association, launched in October 2010 under private partnership between the municipality and private tourism organizations. ATMB aims to develop the tourism potential of Bucharest municipality through actions related to civil society, addressing both the ordinary Bucharest’s citizens and foreign tourists in an European capital. The role of the Tourism Association of Bucharest is to act as a bridge between the municipality, the civil society and the economic operators, exploiting the development potential of cultural-ecumenical tourism, leisure tourism , business tourism and health and maintenance tourism. The founding members of the Association are the City Hall of Bucharest, the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association for Promoting the Touristic Points of Interest, J’Info Tours, Romanian International Communion Foundation, Danco Pro Communication, C & I Comm Serv. For more information: Loredana Cenusa, , 0726 386 683