In December, Cocor Department Store has prepared you a lot of surprizes

Department Store Cocor organizes a series of surprises for people living in Bucharest and for media representatives. Reopened to the public October 2, Cocor will host a series of events that will animate the artistic and the fashionable life of Bucharest in December.

Thus, this series of events will begin Saturday, 04 December at 19.30 in Time Square (near Cocor Department Store), with the release of Cristina’s Rus Christmas carols album. Well known singer will perform carols and the audience have the chance to take part to a “song along.”
On 5th of December, from 6PM, Cocor invites you at the second floor to welcome Anca Irina Lefter for joining Romanian Gallery Designers who will present a collection of accessories suggestively named “Dream, Feel, Love”.

On December 8, Liza Panait invites you to her latest haute couture submission called “Endless”. The fashion show will take place at the second floor, where she opened her new boutique in Romanian Gallery Designers shop.

December 10- Cocor and renowned stylist Alin Galatescu organize TREND Fashion Show, from 8 PM, at the second floor. The fashion show presents the most significant looks for the current season, exclusively made up of Romanian Designers clothing proposals that joined the Gallery. The event is a proof that Romanian Fashion not only exists, but it is also rich, creative and authentic.

On December 15, Oxette invites you to their official shop opening located at the ground floor in Cocor Department Store. Their slogan „Oxette – it’s you!”, the shop offers sales of –30% to purchase any product in that day.

On December 15- Geta Voinea officially opens her salon’s desk. The event will include live work, shooting and cocktail.
Participation to exclusive events held in Cocor can be made only by invitation or Cocor Card. For more details, please access

Cocor Department Store ( represents a landmark of Bucharest which was reopened to public after 2 years of modernization and consolidation. Cocor brings on Romanian retail market unique items such as the first Romanian Gallery Designers, as well as the first virtual fitting room from Eastern Europe. Due to the technological innovation of virtual fitting room, Cocor customers order their favorites clothes based on photographic measures from body scanner. As a support for local fashion, Cocor has opened on the second floor one of the main attractions, the Romanian Designers Gallery. Cocor Department Store also has a parking, at modern European standards and design, with 200 seats capacity.

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