Mongolian magical atmoshpere at ENDLESS fashion show signed by Liza Panait

Celebrity and loyal clients have applauded Liza’s Panait Mongolian collection called”Endless.” As usual, the seats were insufficient and the first outfit bookings were made immediately after the presentation, in the new boutique of the designer in Cocor Department Store.


Vili House and Cocor House Department Store hosted yesterday night to the audience gathered in the Romanian Gallery Designers the new couture collection signed by Liza Panait.

Endless- the idea of the collection was born due to the Mongolian steppes theme- a stylish theme that Liza thought about last winter. It was the movie “Mongol” which determined her, however, to explore it in terms of fashion.

“I was fascinated to discover the lines and and the the themes of the Mongolian costume,” said Liza Panait “I have taken over and reinterpreted elements of warrior looks, in accordance with their hurried history and always in a saddle horse.”


Endless is a winter collection that contains many proposals for Holidays. It has overlapping pieces (jackets over coats, jackets over dresses), wool coat and various fur applications.
Predominant colors are off-white, black, gray, shades of brown, copper, purple, turquoise, brown and combinations of black, brown, gray, gray and purple, unite with floral prints.
Materials used are wool, fake fur, jerse, velvet, silk, natural veil, lace, hand knitting and manually applications.

All pieces have volume in the bootom side , armor oversized shoulders, asymmetric collapse, volume collars, asymmetrical collars, wide sleeves cut, detail-looking armor, the same product lengths games and Mongolian costume specific lines. Predominates flak, especially from fur, designed to strong women who are independent an know what they want.

Actually the whole collection is dedicacted to women who put their femininity first and want to be stylish from morning to evening. These outfits keep you comfortable, convenient and are tailored of special materials. Woman who wear them can usually identify to every cloth piece.
Evening dresses are short or long , made up of precious materilas such as embroidered veil and silk or lace printed material.


Beautiful lace wedding dress with amber cotton white jacket embroidered with golden fur was presented by Tania Budi. “Tania Budi was the first time in my mind, that fits perfectly with the theme of the collection and always admired for her way of being” says Liza Panait.

“I was honored to be the bride of Liza’s Endless Collection” Budi Tania says. ” This dress I wore is absolutely spectacular. It was love at first sight. Anyway, I really like the theme of the collection. Liza creations in general are very sophisticated but never pretentious, which allows you to wear them at any time of day. I recommend her to all women who want something special. “


Among the personalities coming in Cocor Department Store to clap Liza’s collection, but also to reserve her admired outfits were: Mirabela Dauer, Maia Morgenstern, Catalin Arbore, Harabor Manuela, Oana Roman, Ivan and Georgiana Patzaichin , Cristina Deleanu and Eugen Cristea, Florin Opris, Nuami Dinescu, Oana Turcu and Brancu Cristi, Corina Dragotescu, Iulia Fratila, Roxana Iliescu.Outfits can be found in stores starting today in Cocor Department Store and her showroom in no.2 Tunari Street.


Cocor Department Store ( represents a landmark of Bucharest which was reopened to public after 2 years of modernization and consolidation. Cocor brings on Romanian retail market unique items such as the first Romanian Gallery Designers, as well as the first virtual fitting room from Eastern Europe. Due to the technological innovation of virtual fitting room, Cocor customers order their favorites clothes based on photographic measures from body scanner. As a support for local fashion, Cocor has opened on the second floor one of the main attractions, the Romanian Designers Gallery. Cocor Department Store also has a parking, at modern European standards and design, with 200 seats capacity.